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Congratulations on completing vocational training

We congra­tu­late our 11 appren­ti­ces of the class of 2017 on suc­cess­fully com­ple­ting their voca­tio­nal trai­ning. We are par­ti­cu­larly plea­sed that we were able to take on Alex­an­dra, Carl, Robert, Franz and Eric as per­ma­nent employees. We wish our newly qua­li­fied young skil­led workers all the best, a suc­cess­ful start and look for­ward to working with them. We would also like to take this oppor­tu­nity to thank our trai­ners, who sup­por­ted the appren­ti­ces with advice and prac­ti­cal help throughout the ent­ire trai­ning period. From left: Eric Weber, Carl Nic­las Abel,…

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Complete machining of turbine and special shafts

In highly tech­ni­cal, inno­va­tive, and sen­si­tive indus­trial sec­tors such as the aero­space indus­try or the defense and energy sec­tors, the demands on the pro­duc­tion of com­plex com­pon­ents and the machi­ning of high-strength mate­ri­als are con­stantly incre­a­sing. In par­ti­cu­lar, the reduc­tion of error wit­hin pro­duc­tion pro­ces­ses for highly com­plex and cost-inten­sive work­pie­ces is beco­m­ing more important with regard to the »cost-per-part« and the accu­ra­cies to be achieved.

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Happy & healthy new year 2021

We wish our employees as well as our cus­to­mers, sup­pliers and part­ners a suc­cess­ful and healthy 2021. We look for­ward to a con­ti­nued exci­ting coope­ra­tion with uni­que results. Stay healthy.

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Chemnitz becomes European Capital of Culture 2025

With the decision for Chem­nitz, a four-year app­li­ca­tion pro­cess ends and Chem­nitz has won with a uni­que bid book (book of app­li­ca­tion). We congra­tu­late to this result and we are glad that the bid book has the focus on the »hid­den cham­pions« of the Chem­nitz cul­tu­ral and indus­trial region, which inclu­des NILES-SIMMONS as a sub­si­diary of the renow­ned NSH Machine Tool Group. The eco­no­mic sti­mu­lus package also inclu­des many other regi­ons in Europe, which is a strong state­ment for a cos­mo­po­li­tan com­mu­nity across natio­nal bor­ders. We would like to take…

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Substitution of grinding processes in crankshaft machining – NILES-SIMMONS Industrieanlagen GmbH introduces new technology hard milling

In today’s mar­ket place, the most important dri­ving for­ces in the field of auto­mo­tive indus­try are sus­taina­bi­lity, resource con­ser­va­tion and eco­no­mic effi­ci­ency. These trends do not only drive the deve­lo­p­ment of new inno­va­tive tech­no­lo­gies and final con­fi­gu­ra­ti­ons for new pro­ducts, but also push the ever-incre­a­sing requi­re­ments of the manu­fac­tu­rers to find new cost-effi­ci­ent manu­fac­tu­ring con­cepts for the pro­duc­tion of the exis­ting com­pon­ents in production.

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We congratulate on the completion of the cooperative engineering training

We would like to congra­tu­late Maxi Klaus­nit­zer and Fer­hat Macar on the suc­cess­ful com­ple­tion of their coope­ra­tive engi­nee­ring trai­ning in our com­pany. Maxi Klaus­nit­zer is now working in the work pre­pa­ra­tion depart­ment (pro­duc­tion plan­ning and con­trol) after finis­hing her final the­sis. »During my trai­ning I gai­ned a very good insight into the various pro­ces­ses and I enjoyed working on my pro­ject tog­e­ther with my super­vi­sors. The topic was the fine con­cep­tion and pilot intro­duc­tion of a tool manage­ment sys­tem, which is to be intro­du­ced in the fore­see­able future«. Fer­hat Macar…

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Annual employee volleyball tournament

This year, the annual NILES employees」 vol­ley­ball tour­na­ment took place again, which is also finan­cially sup­por­ted by the com­pany. In the best of wea­ther, there was dili­gently spla­shing, dig­ging and blo­cking. We are plea­sed that the event attracts more and more employees every year and that the cohe­sion among col­leagues, which is espe­cially important in these times, is fur­ther streng­t­he­ned. A small selec­tion of pic­tures can be found here: 

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New parking lot and planning of a technology and demonstration center

Recently, our employees have been able to enjoy a new par­king area. The rea­son for this is the long-term plan­ned con­struc­tion of a tech­no­logy and demons­tra­tion cen­ter. For this pur­pose, the old par­king lot had to make way to create enough space for the future tech­no­logy cen­ter. With the future new buil­ding we are able to pre­sent our latest machine deve­lo­p­ments to our cus­to­mers in the con­text of an in-house exhi­bi­tion. Due to the cur­rent eco­no­mic situa­tion, the exe­cu­tion of this plan­ning of the tech­no­logy cen­ter has been post­po­ned for…

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NILES-SIMMONS mechanic is German Futsal Champion

It is a sport that is not yet very well known in Ger­many, alt­hough it looks like nor­mal soc­cer to out­si­ders. We are tal­king about Fut­sal. A jump redu­ced ball, a hall, 4 field play­ers and 1 goa­lie are nee­ded to play this sport. Our col­league Chris­to­pher Wit­tig, 24, mecha­nic, mas­ters this sport with his team the best in Ger­many. He has recently become Ger­man champion.

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