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And Action! – We proudly present: The new NILES-SIMMONS Success-Story about the customer GEA Westfalia

Tog­e­ther with the film team of our video part­ner Video Vision, we had the plea­sure to look behind the sce­nes of the hap­pe­nings at the GEA West­fa­lia Sepe­ra­tor Group at the com­pany loca­tion in Oelde. The goal was filming for the docu­men­ta­tion of the estab­lis­hed part­ners­hip. With over 15 turn-mill machi­ning cen­ters and lathes in all sizes of the NILES-SIMMONS hori­zon­tal series, there is a part­ners­hip in tech­no­logy deve­lo­p­ment and ser­vice that is ready for the future. The turn-mill machi­ning cen­ters and lathes are cha­rac­te­ri­zed by high sta­bi­lity, bet­ter cutting…

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Welcome to the AMB in Stuttgart | 13. – 17.09.2022 | Hall 4, Booth A13

After a long absence from the trade fair due to the pan­de­mic, we are retur­ning this year to the pro­ven and estab­lis­hed mee­ting place for the mecha­ni­cal engi­nee­ring indus­try and are plea­sed to be pre­sent at this year’s AMB in Stutt­gart from Sep­tem­ber 13 – 17 and to once again be able to talk per­so­nally with our cus­to­mers and inte­res­ted par­ties on site. We cor­di­ally invite you to visit us at our booth in hall 4, booth A13 and to exchange infor­ma­tion about new pro­jects and news in our product…

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Fair participations of our sisters – Railtex, GrindingHub & Innotrans

After a break of two years due to the pan­de­mic, fairs will be held again this year. As part of the NILES-SIMMONS-HEGENSCHEIDT Group, our sis­ter com­pa­nies are also exhi­bi­t­ing their pro­ducts and tech­no­lo­gies at nume­rous fairs. Our sis­ter com­pany from Erkel­enz, HEGENSCHEIDT-MFD, will be repre­sen­ted at Rail­tex in Lon­don in May (10.05. – 12.05.22) and in Sep­tem­ber at the world’s lar­gest rail­road fair – Inno­trans in Ber­lin (20.09. – 23.09.22). The focus will be on wheel­set machi­ning by under­floor machi­nes and on the newly deve­lo­ped Total Wheel­set Manage­ment software -…

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Recently our annual cor­po­rate health day suc­cess­fully took place at our pre­mi­ses in Chem­nitz. Whe­ther it was about eye­sight, men­tal health, work-life-balance, nut­ri­tion or a healthy life­style and active breaks – our employees were able to test a wide variety of offers and check out the various sta­ti­ons dedi­ca­ted to pre­ven­tion and health main­ten­ance and get ple­nty of use­ful advice. We would like to thank all our part­ners and con­tri­bu­tors for making this inter­s­t­ing day hap­pen and look for­ward to the next cor­po­rate health day. 

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And Action! – We proudly present … The new NILES-Success-Story about our customer OTTO FUCHS

Our new video docu­men­tary about our suc­cess­ful cus­to­mer rela­ti­ons­hip and the latest jointly rea­li­zed pro­ject with our cus­to­mer OTTO FUCHS KG is finally online. Already at the end of sum­mer last year we had the plea­sure to look behind the sce­nes of the OTTO FUCHS busi­ness at the company’s site in Mein­erz­ha­gen tog­e­ther with the film team of our video part­ner Video Vision. The aim was to film foo­tage for the docu­men­ta­tion of the highly auto­ma­ted pro­duc­tion cell we recently deli­ve­red to OTTO FUCHS, con­sis­ting of a Turn­Mill machi­ning center…

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User Report – Planning reliability in work preparation

As part of the con­ti­nuous digi­tiz­a­tion pro­cess, we have reached ano­t­her mile­stone. Tog­e­ther with HSI GmbH, we have digi­ti­zed our pro­duc­tion plan­ning and will con­ti­nue to opti­mize it in the com­ing years. The results are already visi­ble with resi­li­ent plan­ning times, com­pre­hen­si­ble work plans and more effi­ci­ency in pro­duc­tion. The coope­ra­tion with the soft­ware com­pany from Erfurt has resul­ted in a joint user report, which we are plea­sed to make avail­able to you here. Enjoy rea­ding.     We uses tailor-made soft­ware when it comes to plan­ning assem­blies Plan­ning reliability…

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Congratulations on completing vocational training

We congra­tu­late our 8 appren­ti­ces of the class of 2018 on suc­cess­fully com­ple­ting their voca­tio­nal trai­ning. We are par­ti­cu­larly plea­sed that we were able to take on Ricardo, Mar­kus, Nico and Jakob as per­ma­nent employees. We wish our newly qua­li­fied young skil­led workers all the best, a suc­cess­ful start and look for­ward to working with them. We would also like to take this oppor­tu­nity to thank our trai­ners, who sup­por­ted the appren­ti­ces with advice and prac­ti­cal help throughout the ent­ire trai­ning period. From left: Niko Pau­lig (Trai­ner), Nico Straube, Ricardo…

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Happy New Year

The year 2022 has just begun… … but we already feel the sparks of new visi­ons, tech­ni­cal inno­va­tions, exci­ting pro­jects, new hori­zons, pro­ven part­ners­hip, com­mon goals, strong team spi­rit and joint suc­cess. Tog­e­ther! With our sis­ter com­pa­nies, with our out­stan­ding employees and with our great cus­to­mers, sup­pliers and part­ners world­wide. Let’s get it on – We wish you all the best for 2022, above all the best ever health at all times for all of us, and the spi­rit to dis­co­ver some­thing new and inspi­ring every day. 

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Closed Door machined christmas gifts

Santa Claus has upgraded his Secret Santa work­shop! To make sure that all the dif­fe­rent wis­hes are ful­fil­led without errors and on time until Christ­mas, he now pro­du­ces all gifts clo­sed-door on one of our uni­ver­sal machi­ning cen­ters 😉 … and he is abso­lutely thril­led about his new equip­ment as you can see. Knowing that not­hing should stand in the way of a great Christ­mas, the NSH Group and all its sub­si­dia­ries wish all employees, cus­to­mers, sup­pliers, part­ners and their fami­lies a healthy and magi­cal Christ­mas and a good start into…

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