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Modular system:

The NILES-SIMMONS CNC Tur­ning and Mil­ling Cen­tres enable you to manage effi­ci­ent, fle­xi­ble, high-pre­cis­ion and ope­ra­tor-fri­endly com­plete machi­ning of large size and rota­tio­nally sym­me­tri­cal work pie­ces in one setup. The MC-series ran­ges bet­ween sizes N20 MC through N60 MC and can be con­fi­gu­red as sin­gle slide or multi slide machi­nes. Thanks to the modu­lar buil­ding-block sys­tem, a variety of machi­ning units can be added to offer utmost fle­xi­bi­lity. Based on the MC-series lathes, effi­ci­ency of your pro­cess can be enhan­ced and through­put times reduced.

N20 MC N30 MC N40 MC N50 MC N 60MC
Tur­ning diameter:
650mm 880 mm 1100mm 1250mm 1500mm
Tur­ning length:
1000 – 3500mm 1500 – 4500mm 1000 – 6000mm 2000mm – 7500mm 2000mm – 7500mm

Dreh-Fräs-Zentrum / Turn & Mill Center

Added value:

  • Utmost fle­xi­bi­lity thanks to modu­lar buil­ding block concept
  • Varia­ble Multi-Slide Con­cepts with inde­pen­dent tech­no­logy modules
  • Cus­to­mi­zed solu­ti­ons for work pie­ces up to 7,500mm in length and 1,500mm in diameter
  • Com­plete machi­ning of com­plex work pie­ces by pro­cess com­bi­na­ti­ons of:
    • Tur­ning, Tra­ori Turning
    • Mil­ling / Turn-mil­ling/ 5‑Axis milling
    • Dril­ling / Deep Hole Drilling/ ID Machi­ning with Bor­ing Quill
    • Gear hob­bing
    • Grin­ding
    • Part Pro­bing
  • Smart Fac­tory com­pon­ents for inte­gra­ted production
    • Pro­cess moni­to­ring /Condition monitoring
    • Auto­ma­tic tool and work­piece handling
    • CAD/CAM Top Solid, NX
Dreh-Fräs-Zentrum / Turn & Mill Center

Extension of the machining centre with technology modules:

  • Duplo machine with second turning-milling-unit
  • Bor­ing Bar Slide with bor­ing bar magazine
  • Coun­ter spindle also as pick-up spindle
  • Cranks­hat mil­ling unit
  • Bor­ing Quill with tool head change
  • Up to three ste­ady rest slides
  • Unders­lide with tool turret
  • Unders­lide with auto­ma­tic tool change
  • Tailstock/counter spindle on the supe­rior slideway
  • Addi­tio­nal NC axis in the tool for the con­trol cutting-edge

Technology options:

  • Adapt­a­tion of sys­tem bor­ing barst o rotary mil­ling unit
  • Ejec­tor deep hole drilling
  • Bur­nis­hing- and deep rol­ling with force monitoring
  • Gear hob­bing, hob­bing, skiving
  • Sha­ping, gear shaping
  • wall thic­k­ness measurement
  • Work­piece mea­su­ring swit­ching or scan­ning probe
  • Tool mea­su­ring with swit­ching probe or laser
  • Pro­tec­tion Con­trol Sys­tem (PCS)
  • Postpro­ces­sors Top Solid and NX