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Feedback from our Customers

And Action: The new NILES-Success-Story about the customer GEA Westfalia

We proudly present:

Tog­e­ther with the film team of our video part­ner Video Vision, we had the plea­sure to look behind the sce­nes of the hap­pe­nings at the GEA West­fa­lia Sepe­ra­tor Group at the com­pany loca­tion in Oelde.
The goal was film­ing for the docu­men­ta­tion of the estab­lished part­ner­ship. With over 15 turn-mill machi­ning cen­ters and lathes in all sizes of the NILES-SIMMONS hori­zon­tal series, there is a part­ner­ship in tech­no­logy deve­lo­p­ment and ser­vice that is ready for the future.

Sample of our Technologies




Bohren / Drilling



5‑Axis Machining

5_achs_bearbeitung/5-Axis Machining




Messen: in prozess messen/ Measurement: In-process-measurement


stoßen / Shaping

Traori Turning/Milling

Traoribearbeitung/ Traori Turning/Milling


Walzen / Burnishing

Our Service worldwide

Hotline 24/7

Service: Hotline_24_7

Spare Parts

Service: Ersatzteile / Service: Spare Parts


Service: Wartung / Maintenance


Service: Retrofit

Our 5 industrial branches with selected workpieces

Railway & Metro

Maschinen für Railway & Metro / Machine for Railway & Metro
Komplettbearbeitung von Werkstück: Radsatz / Complete machining of workpiece: Wheel Set


Maschinen für Luft und Raumfahrt/ Machines for Aerospace
Komplettbearbeitung von Werkstück: Turbinenwelle / Complete machining of workpiece: Turbine Shaft

Automotive & Truck

Maschinen für Automobil und Truck/ Machines for Automotive and Truck

Tool & Die

Maschinen für Werkzeug und Formenbau / Machines for Tool and Die

Machine Building

Maschinen für Maschinenbau/ Machines for Machine Building

Sample of our high-precision Multitasking machines

CNC-Turning and Milling Center N30MC

Dreh-Fräs-Zentrum / Turn & Mill Center

Turning – Milling – Drilling & More

  • Max. Dri­ving power S1-100% duty: 68 kW
  • Max. Rpm speed range – main drive: 3000 min-1
  • Max. Rpm Speed range – tool drive: 6000 min‑1
  • Max. Num­ber of tools: 288 Pcs.
  • Max. Work­piece dia­me­ter: 880 mm
  • Max. Work­piece weight: 2000 kg

Special Machine RQMC

Karussel Drehmaschine RQMC / Special Machine RQMC

Turning – Milling – Drilling & More

  • Max. Dri­ving power S1-100% duty: 106 kW
  • Max. Rpm speed range – main drive: 400 min-1
  • Max. Rpm Speed range – tool drive: 5000 min-1
  • Max. Num­ber of Tools: 40 Pcs.
  • Max. Work­piece dia­me­ter: 1500 mm
  • Max. Work­piece weight: 5000 kg

CNC- Lathe N20 4‑Axis

Drehmaschine / CNC-Lathe

Turning – Milling – Drilling & More

  • Max. Dri­ving power S1-100% duty: 30 kW
  • Max. Rpm speed range – main drive: 3800 min-1
  • Max. Rpm Speed range – tool drive: 10000 min-1
  • Max. Num­ber of tools: 24 Pcs.
  • Max. Work­piece dia­me­ter: 420 mm
  • Max. Work­piece weight: 1300 kg

5‑Axis Machining Centres NMill 1400T

5-Achs-Fräs-Dreh-Zentrum / 5-Axis-Machining Centres

Vertical Turning & Vertical Milling 

  • Max. Dri­ving power S1-100% duty: 38 kW
  • Max. Rpm speed range – main drive: 400 min-1
  • Max. Rpm Speed range – tool drive: 18000 min-1
  • Max. Num­ber of tools: 220 Pcs.
  • Max. Work­piece dia­me­ter: 1000 mm
  • Max. Work­piece weight: 1500 kg

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New turning-milling machining center for Daimler Truck

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Corona virus: Preventive measures at NILES-SIMMONS

Dear cus­to­mers and busi­ness partners,

the health and safety of our employees and their fami­lies, as well as all our cus­to­mers, sup­pli­ers, busi­ness part­ners and visi­tors, is a top prio­rity for NILES-SIMMONS.

In order to pre­vent pos­si­ble infec­tion and to keep the risks low for all invol­ved, NILES-SIMMONS has imple­men­ted exten­sive pre­ven­tion and safety measures.

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