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Complete Machining of Stator Housings for E‑Vehicles

8x faster simultaneous internal-external machining
(compared to turning) thanks to a patented process


  • Pot-shaped and tubu­lar sta­tor housings for elec­tric vehicles
  • Thin-wal­led, defor­ma­tion-sen­si­tive, vibra­tion-sen­si­tive workpieces
  • High requi­re­ments for shape and posi­tion tolerances
  • Fit tole­ran­ces in the IT 6 range
  • Cylin­der shapes bet­ween 20 and 30 µm
  • High requi­re­ments for con­cen­tri­city up to 0.05 mm


(4x faster inside + 4x faster outside)*simultaneous = 8x faster

Vertical Turning Center »Statormaker«

Com­plete machi­ning in 2 clam­ping operations

Tur­ning, dril­ling, milling

2 work­pie­ces are machi­ned in parallel

Areas of use and application

  • Uni­ver­sal machine for all com­mon sta­tor housing types
  • Pot-shaped and tubu­lar, thin-wal­led workpieces
  • Tur­ning, dril­ling and milling
  • Quick chan­geo­ver to other workpieces


  • 8x fas­ter simul­ta­neous internal/external machi­ning (com­pared to turning)
  • Thanks to paten­ted process
  • Signi­fi­cant cost reduc­tion com­pared to con­ven­tio­nal processes
  • No com­plex vibra­tion dam­pers required
  • Low clam­ping forces required


Advan­ta­ges of ver­ti­cal machining:

  • Opti­mum chip fall
  • Low space requirement
  • Simple auto­ma­tion through pick-up


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+ 49 371 802 – 204