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Quality & Innovation – The NILES-SIMMONS-HEGENSCHEIDT Group

The NILES-SIMMONS-HEGENSCHEIDT GmbH (NSH Group) is an inter­na­tio­nal machine tool group with 7 manu­fac­tu­ring sub­si­dia­ries and various sales & ser­vice loca­ti­ons on 6 con­ti­nents. The busi­ness acti­vi­ties focus on rese­arch, deve­lo­p­ment, manu­fac­tu­ring & sales of machine tools with the aim of pro­du­cing pro­ducts of the hig­hest qua­lity, inno­va­tion and energy effi­ci­ency. The NSH Group is one of the 30 lar­gest machine tool manu­fac­tu­rers in the world and ope­ra­tes in 5 industries:

  • Machine Buil­ding
  • Auto­mo­tive
  • Avia­tion
  • Rail­way
  • Tool & Die

Bes­ide a large machine port­fo­lio of hori­zon­tal & ver­ti­cal lathes and machi­ning cen­ters,  5‑a­xis- mil­ling cen­ters, grin­ding & rol­ling machi­nes as well as spe­cial machi­nes and equip­ment for the rail­way & auto­mo­tive indus­tries, the NSH  group also offers auto­ma­tion solu­ti­ons. It is also one of the world’s lea­ding pro­vi­ders of turn­key solu­ti­ons for the design & imple­men­ta­tion of ent­ire pro­duc­tion lines & cells.



  • Inter­na­tio­nal machine tool group
  • 7 manu­fac­tu­ring sub­si­dia­ries on 6 continents
  • Large pro­duct portfolio 
    • Hori­zon­tal & ver­ti­cal lathes & machi­ning centers
    • 5‑a­xis-mil­ling centers
    • Grin­ding & rol­ling machines
    • Spe­cial machi­nes and equip­ment for the rail­way & auto­mo­tive industries
    • Auto­ma­tion solutions
    • Turn­key solu­ti­ons for com­plete manu­fac­tu­ring lines & sin­gle turn­key cells
  • Ope­ra­ting in 5 Industries: 
    • Machine Buil­ding
    • Auto­mo­tive
    • Avia­tion
    • Rail­way
    • Tool & Die

In operation worldwide – Our Subsidiaries

CNC tur­ning centers
CNC turn-mill machi­ning centers
CNC mil­ling centers
CNC spe­cial machines

Aero­space Industry
Truck and Auto­mo­tive Industry
Mecha­ni­cal Engi­nee­ring Industry
Tool and Die Industry

Wheel set main­ten­ance and
pro­duc­tion equipment
Heavy payload auto­ma­tion systems
CNC turn-mill machi­ning centers
CNC slant bed lathes
Cranks­haft deep rol­ling machines

Freight and Tran­sit Railway
Truck and Automotive
Rene­wa­ble Energy

Cylind­ri­cal grin­ding machines
Rol­ling bea­ring grin­ding machines
Sur­face grin­ding machines

Mecha­ni­cal Engi­nee­ring Industry
Auto­mo­tive Industry
Rail­road and Metro Industry

Under­floor pro­filing machines
Wheel­set machi­ning systems
Bogie mil­ling machines

Rail­way and Metro Industry

Wheel­set machi­ning equipment
Cranks­haft solid rol­ling machines

Rail­road and
Metro Industry
Auto­mo­tive Industry

CNC ver­ti­cal tur­ning centers
CNC end machi­ning centers
Spe­cial machines
Auto­ma­tion solutions

Auto­mo­tive Industry
Rail­road and Metro Industry
Electric Motor Industry
Mecha­ni­cal Engi­nee­ring Industry

Responsibility & Rule Fidelity


Group. The princi­ples laid down in this com­pli­ance gui­de­li­nes apply to all com­pa­nies in our group.

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