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The NILES-SIMMONS Cranks­haft Mil­ling Cen­tres N20 CM and N30 CM are based on the modu­lar buil­ding-block sys­tem of the N‑series. Two sym­me­tri­cally arran­ged tool spind­les with elec­tro­ni­cally syn­chro­ni­zed tor­que dri­ves and two com­pact and powerful mil­ling units ensure rough and finish mil­ling ope­ra­ti­ons on cranks­haft main and pin bea­ring jour­nals by means of these mil­ling cen­ters. Elec­tro­nic gear­box and high pre­cis­ion inter­po­la­tion of spindle sys­tems as well as spe­cial com­pen­sa­tion stra­te­gies enable pro­cess capa­ble manu­fac­ture of high pre­cis­ion bea­ring geometries.

In addi­tion to cranks­hafts for trucks and pas­sen­ger vehic­les, cams­hafts and eccen­tric shafts up to 2400mm can also be machi­ned on the CM series.

Kurbelwellenfräsen / Crankshaft Milling
Kurbelwellenfräsen / Crankshaft Milling
Kurbelwellenfräsen / Crankshaft Milling

Added value:

  • Pro­cess capa­ble dry mil­ling of bea­ring geo­me­tries, chee­king and top­ping of coun­ter­weights in addition
    to other con­cen­tric and eccen­tric fea­tures with one or  two exter­nal cylind­ri­cal cutters
  • Cus­to­mi­zed clam­ping solu­ti­ons with inte­gral or sepa­rate radial ori­en­ta­tion of work pieces
  • Up to two NC-posi­tio­ned steadyrests
  • Semi-auto­ma­tic tool clam­ping, auto­ma­tic trans­fer of pre-set tool data via ID-chip

Technical data

Cranks­haft Mil­ling CM
Spe­ci­fi­ca­tion N20 CM N30 CM
Working area
Nomi­nal length mm 1000 / 1500 1500 / 2000 / 2500 / 3200
Swing over cross slide guide mm 650 780
Work­piece length, max. mm 500 / 850 800 / 1300 / 1800 / 2400
Main spindle and counter
Work spindle nose DIN 550266 size A8 A11
Work spindle bore mm 80 102
Spindle dia­me­ter in front bearing mm 150 170
LH and RH tool drive unit
Rapid feed cross / longitudinal m/min 25 / 40 18 / 30
LH and RH tool system
Tool accep­tance DIN 55026 A11 A11
Tool dia­me­ter mm 700 700 (800)
Drive power, max. (S1-100% / 40% ED) kW 29,3 / 37,5 37,5 / 47 | 67,4 / 80