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Modular design MC-Series


  • Hig­hest fle­xi­bi­lity in the con­fi­gu­ra­tion of high pre­cis­ion CNC-Tur­ning-Mil­ling-Dril­ling Centres
  • Machi­ning of com­plex work­pie­ces in one set-up throught varia­ble machi­ning com­pon­ents from the modu­lar system
  • Com­plete work pre­pa­ra­tion pro­ces­ses from manu­fac­tu­ring plan­ning to main­tance through intel­li­gent hard and soft­ware tools

Machine components

Uni­ver­sal Tur­ning-Mil­ling-Dril­ling Head

Tur­ning-Mil­ling-Dril­ling Head and Exter­nal Mil­ling Disc

Tur­ning-Mil­ling-Dril­ling Head an Tool Turret

Tur­ning-Mil­ling-Dril­ling Head and Bor­ing Bar Slide

Bor­ing Bar Maga­zine with auto­ma­tic Bor­ing Bar Changer

Tur­ning-Mil­ling-Dril­ling Head and Heavy Duty Mil­ling Unit

Tur­ning-Mil­ling-Dril­ling Head and Bor­ing Quill

Equi­va­lent Coun­ter Spindle

Tur­ning-Mil­ling-Dril­ling Head for Heavy Duty Machining

Sepa­rate Tool Maga­zine for Second Slide

Modu­lar Tool Magazine

Spe­cial Machi­ning Heads

Software components

  • CAM solu­ti­ons for NC programming
  • »Vir­tual Machine« for col­li­sion avo­id­ance and NC pro­gram optimization
  • Real­time col­li­sion avo­id­ance with Pro­tec­tion-Con­trol-Sys­tem (PCS®-online)
  • Pro­cess monitoring 
  • Online dia­gno­sis with Con­di­tion Monitoring

If you have any questions about the machining concept or about our machines and technologies, please do not hesitate to contact us:


Tel.: +49 371 – 802 204