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Congratulations on completing vocational training

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We con­gra­tu­late our 11 app­ren­ti­ces of the class of 2017 on suc­cessfully com­ple­ting their voca­tio­nal trai­ning. We are par­ti­cu­larly plea­sed that we were able to take on Alex­an­dra, Carl, Robert, Franz and Eric as per­ma­nent employees. We wish our newly qua­li­fied young skil­led workers all the best, a suc­cessful start and look for­ward to working with them.

We would also like to take this oppor­tu­nity to thank our trai­ners, who sup­ported the app­ren­ti­ces with advice and prac­ti­cal help throug­hout the entire trai­ning period.

From left: Eric Weber, Carl Nic­las Abel, Robert Thiele