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NILES-SIMMONS opens its doors to visitors

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When the smell of pop­corn and seve­ral tons of heavy machine tools comes into your nose, it’s time again: NILES-SIMMONS opens its doors for all curious visi­tors during the days of indus­trial cul­ture in Chem­nitz. A total of 300 visi­tors used last Fri­day evening to find out more about Saxony’s lar­gest machine tool manu­fac­tu­rer. For this pur­pose, we orga­ni­zed dif­fe­rent tours of the plant, where the machi­nes could be viewed in detail.

Many thanks to all visi­tors for their high inte­rest. We are alre­ady loo­king for­ward to next year.

In the fol­lo­wing you will find some impres­si­ons of the »open hours« at NILES-SIMMONS.