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And Action! – We proudly present: The new NILES-SIMMONS Success-Story about the customer GEA Westfalia

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Tog­e­ther with the film team of our video part­ner Video Vision, we had the plea­sure to look behind the sce­nes of the hap­pe­nings at the GEA West­fa­lia Sepe­ra­tor Group at the com­pany loca­tion in Oelde. The goal was film­ing for the docu­men­ta­tion of the estab­lished part­ner­ship. With over 15 turn-mill machi­ning cen­ters and lathes in all sizes of the NILES-SIMMONS hori­zon­tal series, there is a part­ner­ship in tech­no­logy deve­lo­p­ment and ser­vice that is ready for the future. The turn-mill machi­ning cen­ters and lathes are cha­rac­te­ri­zed by high sta­bi­lity, bet­ter cut­ting per­for­mance and long machine life. It is tech­no­logy that means a head start – and new pos­si­bi­li­ties such as highly fle­xi­ble machi­ning, con­ti­nuous machine ope­ra­tion even for small batch sizes, and maxi­mum pre­cis­ion for the demands of food production.

Have fun watching